Zolatone Polomyx Multi-coloured Coating

The most distinctive, high performance spray coatings available.

Polomyx, a rich tactile multicolor paint providing an incredible 5000+ scrubs!

The original multicolor finish. 

Polomyx creates a beautiful, tactile surface that performs as great as it looks. Marks and stains from everyday people traffic are concealed so walls look better for longer and require fewer repairs.

Why should I use Zolatone instead of regular paints?

With Zolatone paints you get more of everything. You'll get more dimension and more texture and patina than you would with a regular paint. But that's not all, you'll also get a longer lasting and more durable finish that holds up to the wear and tear in high traffic areas. Polomyx is great for over 5000 scrubs!  That suits the daily cleaning regime's for high touch-point areas such as hospitals, hotels, hostels and where hard wearing colour is required. 

Finish Data

  • Coverage          Up to 170 sq. ft. per gallon

  • Scrub Cycles    5130 (ASTM D-2486)

  • Equipt. Req.      Conventional Spray Equipment

  • VOC                    <50 g/L