Zolatone Flex Pearl

Rollable decorative interior coating with a pearlescent finish

With a mix of pearlescent colorants and natural mica flecks, Flex Pearl brings an easy-to-apply, shimmering element to interiors.

A Pearl Paint Your Walls Will Love

Flex Pearl is Zolatone's newest finish you're sure to love. Inspired by our popular pearl finish, Counterpointe, Flex Pearl is a rollable pearl paint that will make your walls dazzle.  This specialty paint is great for architectural features or anywhere you want to add light. The metallic mica in this pearl paint dances in the light, creating brighter spaces when low on lighting!

Great for

  • Walls and features
  • Architectural features and elements
  • Hallways and corridors
  • Low light spaces
  • Accent areas
  • Great for pairing with accent lighting

Finish Data

  • Coverage Up to 160 sq. ft. per gallon
  • Scrub Cycles~3000 (ASTM D-2486)
  • Application - Rolled
  • VOC<50 g/L
  • Sold in 1 or 5 Gallon Pails

Flex Pearl - Rollable

White & Bright

Pearl Colours



Zolatone for Healthcare

Zolatone multicolour is a waterbased seamless, spray applied paint finish which is visually layered and multi dimensional. 

Designers can achieve many different looks on interior walls and architectural features. The palette includes tone-on-tone, “flecked” finishes, in clear bright or deep toned colours, and crisp “whites”. An ideal wall finish for healthcare environments:

  • Durable and hard-wearing 
  • Spot repairable – creates invisible repairs
  • Easy to clean, surface is washable 
  • Used over most substrates
  • Resistant to stains such as blood, urine and most ordinary chemicals
  • Used successfully internationally since 1960
  • Resistant to most stains, eg. scuffs, drink spills 
  • Used in healthcare facilities throughout the world

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