Technical Documentation for Specifiers

Balco Product Catalogue

Balco International Brochure 

Balco Trimline System

Balco Product Warranty

Balco Metaflex Pro Brochure

Balco Conceal Series Brochure

Balco Revit Families

Balco Masterspec Section

FZ92 Technical Brochure

FZ92 Maintenance Guide

FZ92 Group 1S Application Bare Timber

FZ92 Masterspec Work Section

FZ92 Timber Comparative Table

FZ52 Technical Brochure

FZ52 Maintenance Guide

FZ52 Group Surface Rating Timber

FZ52 Masterspec Work Section

FZ52-60W Plasterboard Walls FRR60 Upgrade

FZ52-90 Lath & Plaster Ceiling Upgrade 

FZ52 30-60 Ceiling FRR Upgrade

FZ 52 45W Plasterboard Walls FRR Upgrade

FZ52-90 Ceiling FRR90 Upgrade

FZ52-90 Lath & Plaster Ceiling Upgrade 

FZ Adhesion Test

FZ52 Test Table

FZB&B Technical Brochure

FireZone Timber Comparative Table

FZ Plywood Brochure

FZB&B Masterspec Work Section

FZF1E Technical Brochure

Solagard Product Data Sheet

F1E  Masterspec Work Section

Phoenix 370-60 Waterbased Intumescent Technical Data Sheet

Phoenix 370-90 Waterbased Inutmescent Data Sheet

Phoenix 370-90 Waterbased Intumescent TDS

Phoenix 370-120H Waterbased Intumescent TDS

170-120 Phoenix

Phoenix 170-120 Solvent-borne Intumescent TDS

Firetex FX9500 Epoxy Intumescent TDS

Firetex 6002 Ultra-Fast Intumescent TDS

Phoenix Fire Rated System Owners Guide 

Phoenix Masterspec Work Section

Phoenix Guide to On-site Measurement of Intumescent Coatings 

Isolatek ISK-300 Technical Data Sheet

Isolatek ISK-400 Technical Data Sheet

Isolatek MK-II Technical Data Sheet

Bobrick Catalogue

Products for Healthcare

Products for Healthcare

Washrooms for Heavy Traffic

Washrooms for Heavy Traffic Environments

Distinctive Design Ideas

Distinctive Design Ideas with Bobrick

Stainless Steel Cleaning & Maintenance

Bobrick Cost Savings Calculators

Cost Savings Calculators

Bobrick BIM Objects, CAD

Bobrick Masterspec Work Section

Tepromark Catalogue

Tepromark Product Catalogue

Tepromark Catalogue

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Flex Dimensions Product Data Sheet

Flex Pearl Product Data Sheet

Polomyx Product Data Sheet

Flex Rolled Multicolour Finish Video