Phoenix Water-based Intumescent

Interior concealed or exposed intumescent for an Architectural finish

Phoenix Water-based Intumescent, 370-60, 370-90, 370-120H

Phoenix has the latest generation of water-based intumescent technology for periods from 30-120 minutes of fire protection.  Designed for application on erected steelwork (site applied), they are specific for internal environments, C1 and C2 categories (C3 with an appropriate top coat).  Water-based intumescent systems generally have lower film builds and a better architectural finish for visual steelwork. 

Because of their low odour, Phoenix water-based intumescent coatings meet the international standards and requirements for Green Building. 


  • Water-based intumescent coating designed for fire protection of structural steel I-sections. 
  • Provide I-section steelwork with fire protection for 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes FRR. 
  • Independently tested, assessed and approved to BS476: Part 21. 
  • Highly competitive loadings (low protection thicknesses required) and allow single coat application. 
  • Possess full MTA (Multiple Temperature Analysis) loadings facilitating flexible structural design and application. 
  • Environmentally friendly with low VOC.

Phoenix 370-60

Provides fire protection for I-section steelwork 30, 60 and 90 minutes FRR.

Phoenix 370-90

Provides fire protection for  I-section steelwork 60, 90 and 120 minutes FRR.

Phoenix 370-120H

Provides hollow and I-section steelwork with fire protection for up to 120 minutes FRR.