Balco Expansion Joints 

Quality seismic joints and fire barriers for floors, walls, ceilings and exteriors

Why Choose Balco Expansion Joint Systems?

Balco is a leading international brand with a solid reputation for quality products.  All expansion joints are tested as a complete system including components, to the most stringent standards in the world.   

We constantly innovate and incorporate the latest technology to protect commercial buildings from damage due to fires and movement from thermal expansion, wind or earthquakes.

Balco can produce custom sizes, materials and colours in order to provide you with the best product to suit your project. 

With a large range of projects under our belt and a Certified installer network, Zone can provide end to end design support & service, through to installation. 


  • The only system fully tested as a complete system including components and accessories
  • Systems have movement from ±50% to ±100% Expansion/Contraction
  • Flush or surface mounted options
  • Select light use or heavy duty systems for high traffic areas
  • Performance tested for seismic, thermal and wind movement
  • Contributes to LEED credits

Balco's range of Products including Fire Barrier Systems

Balco Expansion Joint Systems and Seismic Joint Covers are the vanguards of architecturally specified products.  From parking garages to hospitals, schools, shopping centers, hotels, airports, restaurants and banks, Balco’s priority is building safety.  To find out more about Balco expansion joints contact Zone directly to assist with your design, or select products from the categories below:

Balco Technical Catalogues & Brochures

Full Product Catalogue

International Brochure

Trimline System Brochure

Metaflex Pro Series Brochure

Conceal Series Brochure

Masterspec Work Section

Introducing the industry's highest performing fire barriers for expansion joint systems 

Introducing the industry's highest performing fire barriers for expansion joint systems Balco's fire barrier systems are a fully tested in New Zealand (including seismic covers) with BRANZ technical opinions for the use of the Meta range of Balco Fire Barriers.  

Balco Fire Barriers protect expansion joint openings by dynamically continuing the fire-rated construction design elements throughout the structural separation allowing for thermal, wind and seismic movements and for fire ratings up to 2 hours. Fire Barriers are a critical component of building safety solutions.