FireZone Fire Rated Systems

Fire Protection for Timber 

Zone Architectural Products proudly bring you the FireZone™ range of products for New Zealand. 

ZONE combine expert technical advice with a preferred installer network to bring the construction industry a range of fire protection systems for timber you can specify with confidence for over 10 years. 

The fully water based, low VOC range of FireZone™ products, comprises of four core systems which both enable new construction and encourage the use of existing surfaces, to help with compliance. Most recently, FireZone™ F1E has been added to this range in response to a solution for boundary compliance on external weatherboards.

FireZone™ 52, 92 and Board & Batten are designed to achieve Group Surface finish requirements (1 / 1S / 2 / 2S/ 3) on an extensive range of timber substrates, including thermally modified and Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT).  

We are passionate about timber as a renewable resource and the effects it has on the  built space for health and wellbeing. Using the FireZone™ range with no red list chemicals for fire treatment of timber, allows those design decisions to still include solid timber.

FireZone Range of Products

Zone have a comprehensive range of fire-rated coatings treatments for various substrates.  Discuss your project with us at the design phase and let us guide you through to ensure the best outcome for your project.  

Choose from the following systems:


Timber Density & Thickness; why is it so important?

One of the industry issues is understanding timber species and timber density and what should be fire rated with which product. Confused??

Compliance for timber fire ratings, apart from what the fire engineer says, comes down to the timber species, density of the timber and the thickness of the product.

All intumescent coatings have a minimum thickness and density of timber that they are tested to in order to achieve compliance.  It can’t be ignored and we advise that you do the research prior to selecting the fire rated system.

We have made it easier to select your species and select the product by using the attached guide.  It’s always good to discuss this with your preferred knowledgeable timber manufacturer too.

Zone can assist you by offering our specification service – either send it to us for checking at or request assistance through Masterspec – Work Section Support button at the top of our work section.


FireZone protection for Education with FR Plywood

Of one of the many segments that we provide solutions for, Education is the one that requires the most enduring of products on surfaces.  Enter FireZone Board & Batten, the look of natural timber with impregnated fire protection for life safety on internal linings.