FireZone F1E - Exterior Intumescent

FireZone F1E - Exterior Intumescent

FireZone™ F1E external intumescent amd fire ignition barrier system.

Zone Architectural Products were contacted by the development’s project manager, requiring a solution to meet Council Compliance on a two-storey residential, pine weatherboard house, built within 1m of the boundary.

Zone recommended FireZone F1E as a system to meet peak heat release and total heat release values as set out in the New Zealand Building Code C/AS2, 5.8.1 Table 5.5.

Wayne Bowden Painters applied FireZone F1E to the boundary wall. Due to the closeness of the fence, there were some access difficulties! Wayne’s team sanded back the weatherboards to ensure adhesion of the intumescent, before top-coating with a pigmented acrylic external paint to match the rest of the house.

A job well done and a compliance headache averted!