FireZone Board & Batten - The Pullman Hotel, Rotorua

FireZone Board & Batten - The Pullman Hotel, Rotorua

Transformed from an office building into the 5-star Pullman Hotel, Zone has provided a “warm welcome” in the heart of Rotorua.

When Architects Designgroup Stapleton Elliott contacted the team at Zone to help with the fire rating solution for the entrance to this stunning hotel, they presented an unusual problem.

The wind lobby visual flow from exterior to interior was to be seamless. However, the interior cedar battens needed a Group 1S compliance rating, while the exterior battens, being fixed to plywood, did not.

Zone and approved applicator Holmac Rotorua, were able to achieve these objectives with three fire-rated systems from our FireZone™ range of solutions.

The interior cedar battens were treated off-site using FireZone™ Board and Batten, fixed to plywood coated with pigmented FireZone 52, and then assembled on site by the Watts & Hughes team.

Zone and approved applicator Holmac Rotorua applied FireZone™ F1E Exterior Intumescent to the exterior plywood, which was then painted black and the exterior battens affixed.

The cedar batten visual flow is seamless from exterior to interior and, unlike traditional intumescents, there are no issues with moisture in the wind lobby with FireZone™ Board and Batten maintenance-free fire rated system.