FireZone 92 - Mt Pleasant Community Centre

FireZone 92 - Mt Pleasant Community Centre

The Chris Moller Architecture + Urbanism’s design is a marvel of prefabricated construction, which involved a highly technical and collaborative team approach.

Innovation in timber structures is pivotal in this new build in Christchurch. LVL shear wall panels by Nelson Pine form the building’s structure, the roof and glass cladding are then added to two faces.

The architect, known for the presenting role of Grand Designs New Zealand, selected FireZone™ 92 for its clarity, finish and ease of application. The clear, fire rated coating needed to achieve Group 2 and Group 1S in various sections of the building.

Zone’s specific expertise in intumescent coatings was drawn on heavily due to the methodology of application required for the project. Approximately 1000m2 of wall and ceiling area was coated by our approved applicator, Connect Group.

Timber design is rapidly paving its way into future construction projects. The buildings are sustainable and are a representation of New Zealand’s green image.

The use of FireZone™ 92 allows Architects to maintain the expression of natural timber panels while achieving compliance with NZ Building Code.

Photography: Lightforge