FireZone 92 - Kiwibank Fitout

FireZone 92 - Kiwibank Fitout

Kiwibank returned to Colombo St in central Christchurch with a brand-new building owned by property investor Craig Nicholas.

The vibrancy of the design incorporated a stunning entrance and interior utilising FireZone 92 over dark stained timber feature walls.

Dark stained timber is one of the toughest surfaces to achieve a clear, even finish when applying topical coatings. FireZone 92 base coat and clear satin top coat have been chosen by the Architect to enhance the natural timber detail.

FireZone 92 was applied to achieve a Group 1S fire rating on 12mm Shadow Clad with a dark stain by others. The project was applied by Zone’s preferred applicator Spencer Painters & Decorators.

Products used:

FireZone 92 

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