FireZone 92 - Domain Eatery

FireZone 92 - Domain Eatery

As a product manufacturer, we often get feedback about the overall finished result experienced with clear intumescents on timber.

Factors such as temperature, dust, removal of sub-trade damage and the application method, all have an influence on the finish of clear intumescent coatings.

FireZone™ 92 clear intumescent coating system, is applied only by Zone’s Approved Applicators and designed to be used on-site or off-site with no special equipment required to achieve the results.

In the case of Domain Eatery, the panels had product applied to achieve a Group 1S rating in an off-site premise where the environmental conditions were controlled. This provided a quick turnaround of the interior fit out for the constructor and client.

The FireZone™ 92 appearance shows minimal change to the timber substrate with little to no “milkyness”, depending on the colour stain. It is an entirely water based product - both base and top coat, and has a low VOC content which makes it environmentally friendly to apply.

FireZone™ 92 has been put to the test in a variety of NZ projects with success. Specify Zone’s timber intumescent products with Masterspec work section 6743ZF.