FireZone 92 - Ben & Jerry's

FireZone 92 - Ben & Jerry's

Unnoticable and durable while meeting a group 2S rating.

Ben & Jerry’s first New Zealand store opened on Auckland’s Ponsonby Road in December 2015 and immediately began hand scooping utterly euphoric ice cream “the way it was originally served by Ben and Jerry themselves”.

Not surprisingly, the US based franchise has tight corporate guidelines for store design, including the look and feel of interior surface linings that communicate the companies brand values – a big thing for Ben & Jerry’s. Getting that right and complying with NZBC Group rating requirements called for a versatile clear coat intumescent.

FireZone™ 92 was selected because it achieved the necessary Group 2S rating to the previously coated recycled timber interior lining - with almost no visual impact. The 3 waterbased coats were applied on site using brush and roller by Dimension Shopfitters.

The finish satisfied council inspectors and pleased the designer, the new franchisees and scoop loving customers alike.