Firetex FX6002 Ultra Fast Intumescent

Next-generation ultra fast-drying and durable intumescent coating.

Zone and Sherwin Williams team up to bring you FX6002, an Ultra-fast Intumescent Coating for Off-site Application

With over 150 years experience in the coatings industry, Sherwin-Williams understands how critical it is that your investment gives you a quality, long-term fire protection system that performs in demanding environments. Our FIRETEX® range of intumescent passive fire protection coatings can provide a visually pleasing finish that allows for a creative usage of structural steel surfaces in building design, whilst offering essential protection of steelwork from 15 to 120 minutes. Whether you specify FIRETEX alone or in conjunction with our proven primers and topcoats, you can be assured that you are selecting a passive fire protection system that has been researched, developed and tested to the highest international standards. 


  • Faster curing - dry to handle in just one hour 
  • A 120-minute hollow section beam can be painted, cured, DFT-checked and top-coated in a single shift 
  • Can be exposed to weather after just four hours 
  • Mechanically tough and resilient to reduce risk of damage 
  • Up to two hours cellulosic fire protection 
  • Competitive solutions from 15 to 120 minutes passive fire protection 
  • Highly durable, suitable for use in a C5 environment

This next generation intumescent technology is chemically cured to dry and can be handled in as little as one hour (at 23°C)!

Maximising workshop through-put with the most efficient intumescent coating on the market today that provides fire protection up to 120 minutes with industry-best, low-film thicknesses.

FIRETEX FX6002 provides a very smooth “off the gun” finish and can be top coated with Acrolon series topcoats, providing a high level of finish quality not seen before with intumescent coatings. 

Suitable for internal decorative, non-decorative and external decorative exposure up to a C5 (ISO 12944-2) environment. FIRETEX FX6002 has been tested and assessed to meet the needs of the New Zealand built environment.   

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Project History for Firetex FX6002

Garrard House, Scotland

Damac Tower, London

Brunel Building, UK