Firetex FX9500 Epoxy Intumescent

A two-component, mesh-free epoxy intumescent coating for extreme external environments

FX9500 ultra durable epoxy intumescent, designed for extreme external environments 

Firetex FX9500 is a durable two-component intumescent epoxy coating that provides cellulosic fire protection for up to two hours on commercial structural steel members. 

Firetex FX9500 is corrosion resistant, with a semi-smooth finish, that is suitable for both interior and exterior architectural exposed steel members. It may be finish-coated to obtain desired color and gloss feature designs. 


  • Up to two hours fire protection
  • An exterior durable intumescent (topcoat not required but recommended for an aesthetic finish)
  • Can be applied directly to clean blasted steel
  • Outstanding impact and abrasion resistance
  • Competitive film thicknesses
  • Mesh free
  • On-site/off-site application
  • No sanding or back-rolling required
  • Chemical resistant

Riverside Markets FX9500 Intumescent from Zone

Harsh Environment calls for Durable Intumescent

The Victor Apartments, Waide Construction

At the early stages of the project, Zone were called by Tom McLean, Waide Commercial Construction, to review the protective and intumescent coatings specification.  The two-level basement was experiencing some flooding due to not yet having the full effect of the waterproofing system installed.  In order to achieve the 25 year durability requirements for the project.....