FireZone F1E Exterior Intumescent

Firezone™ F1E Pigmented Exterior Intumescent Fire Protection Coating for timber cladding is a breakthrough in exterior fire protection coating systems.  

FireZone F1E, designed to protect weather boards from ignition and flame spread

Firezone™ F1E’s intumescent technology is designed to protect weather boards when in contact with embers, sparks, radiant heat or direct flame.  The coating forms a carbon insulating layer that seals off the substrate, preventing ignition or flame spread on the coated surface. 

FireZone™ F1E achieves compliance with the New Zealand Building Code C/AS2 Acceptable Solutions for Buildings, External cladding systems, Paragraph 5.8.1, Table 5.5 distance to boundary less than 1.0m and multi-storey ≥7m (residential) ≥10m (commercial).

F1E offers 15 years durability with Wattyl Solagard acrylic top coat system. 


  • Suitable on exterior timber cladding weatherboards (Western Red Cedar and Pine)
  • Firezone™ F1E is a 1-part self-priming system, applied to bare timber cladding followed by top coating with an acrylic exterior finish
  • High performance, non hazardous, waterbased low VOC’s 
  • Protective coating is sprayed on-site to achieve the nominated dry-film thickness
  • Applied by ZONE’s preferred applicators for compliance

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