Balco Fire Barrier Systems

Versatile, fire-resistant barriers for horizontal & vertical expansion joint systems

Balco Fire Barriers protect expansion joint openings by dynamically continuing the fire-rated construction design elements throughout the structural separation allowing for thermal, wind and seismic movements and for fire ratings up to 4 hours. 

Fire Barriers are a critical component of building safety solutions.  Balco's fire barriers have a BRANZ opinion for NZ.  This report is available on request.  Choose from the following products: 


Floor System - MBF2H - 2 Hour

Wall System - MBW2H- 2 Hour

  • Versatile, fire-resistant barrier for horizontal & vertical expansion joints; 
  • Installs without mechanical fasteners or caulking; 
  • Minimal depth required for installation; 
  • Tongue and groove lengths for easy splicing and transitioning; 
  • Ideal for use with elastomeric seals



Floor System - MF2H - 2 Hour

Wall System - MW2H- 2 Hour

  • Fire-resistant barrier for horizontal & vertical expansion joints; 
  • Installs easily in narrow joints; 
  • No caulking required; 
  • Thin materials allow for more close movement than traditional barriers; ±100% close
  • Lightweight and flexible; 
  • Cost effective;


MetaFlex 2000

Wall System - 2HWFB - 2 Hour

Floor System - 2HFFB- 2 Hour

  • Fire-resistant barrier for larger vertical expansion joints; 
  • Easy end-to-end splicing; 
  • Ideal for spanning wide expansion joints; 
  • Joint cover not required for wall systems