Bobrick International - SureFlo®

Bobrick International - SureFlo®

A successful beta test at a world-renowned, high-traffic icon paves the way for future five-figure cost savings.

How do you service between 40,000 and 60,000 visitors in a single weekend, without ever running out of soap, while saving time, money and reducing solid waste in the process?

An architecturally iconic, high-traffic tourism and entertainment center in downtown Seattle has saved countless dollars in soap costs and hours in labor savings, all without inconveniencing patrons.

How did they do it? A beta test of Bobrick’s new B-830 SureFlo® Manual Foam Soap Dispensing System in the facility’s food court helped ensure patrons always have access to soap, and the facility’s dispensing systems stay fuller longer than its previous proprietary system.

General Manager Mike Martin of Wind NW Associates, Inc. (an authorized Bobrick sales representative) had built a relationship with the facility over several years via successful installations of Bobrick SierraSeries® toilet partitions and other products. Knowing the facility was experiencing challenges with soap costs, solid waste disposal and maintenance, Martin proposed a beta test installation of the SureFlo system—a new “tank-in-a-box” system that feeds foam soap into multiple B-823 Manual Foam Soap Dispenser heads at once, from a single 12-liter box.

Previously, the dispensers in the food court restrooms were counter-mounted units that required workers to crawl beneath sinks to replace cartridges, consuming labor hours and causing 15 to 30 seconds of physical strain. In addition, the cartridges cost approximately $9.00 each, and workers would dispose partially used cartridges to avoid additional refill trips.

One alternative ruled out was plastic, wall-mounted dispensers. Although they are a common alternative to counter-mounted units, they’re prone to vandalism, and property damage is common in high-traffic facilities. Due to these concerns and the projected cost savings, the facility agreed to beta test the counter-mounted B-830 SureFlo systems in two high-traffic restrooms of the food court area.

As a busy facility with an eye on hygiene and cost efficiency, foam hand soap was ideal. “Foam allows for a better hand wash and minimizes sink build-up, cutting down on maintenance,” says Martin.

The SureFlo system also dispenses half the amount of soap as its liquid soap counterparts and lasts twice as long, further underscoring its efficiency. It also features an indicator light that notifies operators when it’s time to replace the box, as well as a backup reservoir, virtually eliminating changeovers during high-traffic periods and minimizing inconvenience for patrons.

In addition, the SureFlo soap box holds the equivalent of 30 800-ml cartridges and takes less than a minute to change over, significantly improving labor efficiency. So far, facility and maintenance staff is pleased with the results and soon will be installing more SureFlo systems throughout the facility.