Bobrick International - F5 Tower

Bobrick International - F5 Tower

A Sanitary Solution for Mobile Occupants

In a bustling Seattle office tower, Bobrick’s Klutch Mobile Device Holders satisfy unique demands. At F5 Tower, employees span over 28 floors. If you’re one of them, you might not be near your desk for hours. And if you’re one of F5’s many out-of-town visitors, you might have your belongings and bags with you for the entire day.

F5 Tower occupants needed a safe, secure place to store their mobile devices and other belongings while using the restroom — and Bobrick’s B-635 Mobile Device Holder delivered.

From 2016 into 2017, Jason Dardis, Sr. Manager, Global Real Estate & Operations at F5 Networks, was responsible for management of the company’s relocation from its Elliot West campus to the F5 Tower in downtown Seattle. Shortly into F5’s occupancy, Dardis and Operations Manager, Steve Duncan, were challenged via employee requests to find a solution that allowed workers to have a secure and sanitary place to store their laptops, mobile devices and other belongings throughout their busy days — and Klutch provided the sleek, high-end aesthetic and convenient function they were looking for.

When Dardis and Duncan initially began their search for a product, there was not a solution on the market that met their needs. At the time, the Klutch was not available, so they considered fold-out shelves by Bobrick as well as partition-mounted pockets.

“We really didn’t have a good solution,” Dardis said. They wanted something sleek that didn’t protrude from the walls but still was able to hold several items if needed. After months of searching for a solution, Dardis and Duncan checked back in with Bobrick and discovered a new product was available: Klutch.

Ultimately, 224 Klutch Mobile Device Holders were installed in toilet compartments across the building’s 28 floors, which each has three men’s, three women’s and two unisex restrooms.

“We were able to find a really unique and effective solution,” Dardis said. “It’s better than a simple shelf and it’s certainly better than leaving your laptop out in a common area.” Since installation, occupants have expressed appreciation for the Klutch as a sanitary solution to a recurring problem that impacted many employees each day.

The release of the Klutch is indicative of Bobrick’s commitment to high-quality, thoughtfully designed products that meet the unique needs of today’s users. Studies have suggested that as many as 75 percent of Americans admit to using their phones while in the restroom — Klutch was developed to keep mobile devices safe and secure within toilet cubicles and throughout the restroom.

Klutch has a sleek, compact design that fits with any décor and offers easy installation within toilet compartments, private spaces and common areas.