Zolatone - Healthcare

Zolatone - Healthcare


Despite the hospital facilities only being about 18 months old, the AEU was experiencing ongoing problems with unsightly marked and damaged walls, often as a result of trolleys and medical equipment rubbing against the walls.

This distracted from the professional and clean/hygienic image the management and staff wished to portray.  Regular paint was not meeting the requirements and some repainting had already been carried out during the previous 18 months of operation.

Our Solution
An area of corridor wall was selected by the management of AEU where Zolatone could be applied for test purposes and to be monitored by them over a period of time.  

Classics by Zolatone was the colour range selected. The airless application of Zolatone enabled the redecoration to be done quickly, quietly and with very little misting. Ideal for continuously occupied spaces.  After 6 months of the trial wall, authorisation was given by Auckland DHB for Zolatone to be applied to corridor walls throughout the AEU and in the vicinity of the nurses station.

Application of the Classics by Zolatone was carried out during normal working hours with minimal disruption to the operation of the AEU. Half a corridor was masked off at a time, allowing trolleys, wheelchairs, patients, staff and families to pass freely, whilst the moveable screen allowed work to progress rapidly on the other side. There was no disruption to the operations of the AEU throughout the exercise.