Firetex FX9500 - Riverside Markets

Firetex FX9500 - Riverside Markets

Riverside Market, Christchurch is Described as an exciting new unique inner-city shopping experience for the local community and visitors to enjoy.

It was determined during the Detailed Design stage of the project, that the external structure would be more suited to have a robust steel intumescent product applied for durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

Darrell of Jeff Dermott Ltd, a family owned local Christchurch business and Zone approved applicator, presented the options to Consortium Construction and the consultants. FX9500 epoxy intumescent provided exceptional client benefits and was selected for the external fire-rated structural steel.

FX9500 was chosen for its exceptional fire rating. The robust system was permanently exposed with a dark topcoat and applied direct to blasted and primed steel in a C3 corrosion zone.

On site trials were carried out to ensure all parties were comfortable with what would be the final finish.

Applied in summer conditions, FX9500 film built and dried quickly, minimising the wait-times during coatings. At almost 100% solids, the smell was less than that of other epoxy intumescent products.

The right equipment, teamed with very experienced applicators, has ensured a successful outcome. When you are in Christchurch, this is well worth the visit.

Engineer:         Kirk Roberts Consulting Engineers
Fire Engineer: Holmes Consulting Group
Constructor:   Consortium Construction
Applicator:      Jeff Dermott Ltd